Ohlinda Dining Table

Dining table with handcrafted polished steel legs, coated with golden polychrome church window varnish. Steel frame. The table top Burnt Oak consists of rustic oak planks and is laminated. Flamed according to the Japanese “Shou Sugi Ban” method and coated in resin.

The White Stone tabletop consists of an MDF core coated with polymer concrete. Above, a softly shimmering and abrasion-resistant silk matte lacquer with quartz flour has been applied. The table top’s  irregular, stone-like appearance lends an individual touch to the design.

Table top available either as a rectangular or a round shape.

Ohlinda Dining Table

Image: Ohlinda Dining Table, 150 – 340 x 90-135 x 75 cm in White Stone

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Width: 150 – 340 cm

Depth: 90 – 135 cm

Standard Size: 240 x 105 cm or 200 x 105 cm

Round Table

Diameter:  90 – 135 cm

Standard Size: diameter of 135 cm

Special Dimensions: 120cm or 105cm

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