Ohlinda Settee

Visually “floating” mattress landscapes that are surrounded by equally “floating” back cushions. Colours can be selected for each mattress and back cushion individually. Ohlinda also sports especially deep mattress elements with a 92 cm as well as a 184 cm depth “to sink into”.

Ohlinda Settee

Image OH_1: Ohlinda Zre, Set 3, 342x217x88cm in „midsummer-Mix“

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Module dimensions

Heights: 83 cm (incl. feet “Paw”), 88 cm (standard), 93 cm (incl. feet „Hohe Lilie“)

Widths: 184cm, 92cm

Depths: 184cm, 92cm

Seat Height: 35cm (incl. feet „Paw“), 40cm (standard), 45cm  (incl. feet „Hohe Lilie“)

Seat Depth: 184cm, 92cm

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Image OH_2: Ohlinda Zli, Set 3, 342x217x88cm in „midsummer-Mix“

Image OH_4: Ohlinda Yli, 342x217x88cm in silberschimmer

Image OH_3: Ohlinda F118, 250x125x88cm in capriblau

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