Ocean 7 Settee

A new interpretation of traditional craftsmanship. Ocean 7 is the solution for almost all room situations: Individual elements, sofas, chaise longues and corner groups in increments of 33 cm with deep cassette stapling. Each drawing-in is individually anchored into the upholstery by hand at various different points.

Ocean 7 Settee

Abbildung OC_1: Ocean 7, UDli + UDre, 264x196x80cm in eisbär

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Module dimensions

Heights: 80 cm or 85 cm (incl. feet “Twista”)

Widths: 92 cm, 99cm, 132cm or 165cm

Depths: 92cm, 95cm, 128cm, 193cm or 196cm

Seat Height: 38cm or 43cm (incl. feet “Twista”)

Seat Depth: 62cm, 95cm or 163cm

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Image OC_2: Ocean 7, UDli + Ure, 264×128-196x80cm in anthrazit

Image OC_3: Ocean 7, UDli + Vre, 297×128-196x80cm in elefant

Image OC_4: Ocean 7, TDli + V +Sre + UNre, 389×95-196x80cm in cayenne

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