Napali Settee

Unlimited, flexible modular upholstery system. Loose-fitting seat and back cushions turn sitting and lounging close to the ground into a relaxing experience. Each body, seat and back cushion can be covered with different covers – there are no limits to your own creativity.

Napali Settee

Image NA_1: Napali Set 10, Xli+U+S+Mre, 366x249x84 cm in türkis-Mix

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Module dimensions

Heights: 74cm, 79cm, 84cm or 89cm

Widths: 88cm, 117cm, 132cm, 161cm

Depths: 88cm, 117cm or 161cm

Seat Height: 32cm (standard), 37cm ((incl. feet “Twista”), 42cm ((incl. feet “Lilie”) oder 47cm ((incl. feet “Hohe Lilie”)

Seat Depth: 87cm or 131cm

Price upon request!

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Image NA_2: Napali Set 9, Xli+Ure, 278x161x84 cm in greige-Mix

Image NA_3: Napali Set 7, Xli+Ure, 278x161x84 cm in türkis-Mix

Image NA_4: Napali Set 3, T+S+T+T+C, 264x176x74cm in bordeaux-Mix

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