Moonraft Settee

Inspired by weightlessness and the longing for the unknown, this modular settee is based on 5 seating elements that are available in 3 widths (120 / 160 / 200 cm) and 3 lengths (135 / 175 / 215 cm), with various arm and backrests. Its unique “tube look” with outstanding seating comfort is achieved by hand-sewn pockets for multi-chamber inserts within each “tube” in an elaborate process, making the Moonraft settee one of the most “artisanal” Bretz models.

Moonraft Settee

Image: MO_1: Moonraft, Hre, 298 x 220 x 78 cm in Jacquard turquoise

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Module dimensions

height: 77 cm or 82 cm (with “Twista” feet or wheels)

width: 120cm, 160cm, 200cm

depth: 135cm, 175cm, 215cm

sitting height: 44cm or 49cm (with “Twista” feet or wheels)

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Image MO_2: Moonraft, Zre, 316x220x77cm in Jacquard-Velours turquoise

Image MO_3: Moonraft G 108, 276x140x77cm in happy velvet powder grey

Image MO_4: Moonraft, Xli, 218x140x77cm in Jacquard-Velours anthracite

Image MO_5: Moonraft, VS, 200x135x44cm in Jacquard-Velours anthracite

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