Drop City Settee

In the 60ies, DROP CITY was the first hippie community in sunny California that enabled “Droppers” to realize their dream of freedom. A work of art in which one could live free of mainstream’s conventions. “Let loose in DROP CITY”. “Drop” means to simply let oneself go. “City” stands for the microcosm that the upholstered furniture models with its 3 different height levels.

Drop City Settee

Image DC_1: Drop City, U+TD+L+VR+UR, 276 x 138 x 70 cm in stripes breit türkis-rot-violett, stripes eng türkis-rot-violett, goldfish

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Module dimensions

Heights: 45cm, 60cm (armrest), 70cm (backrest)

Widths: 69cm, 92cm, 138cm

Depths: 69cm, 92cm, 138cm



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Image DC_2: Drop City, TD+V+TD+V+V+VR, 276x230x70 cm in salvia, eisgrau, dancing bird

Image DC_3: Drop City Set.2.2, VD+UD+LD+UR+VR, 322x184x70 cm in goldfish, stripes eng orange-grün-pink, olive

Image DC_4: Drop City Set 1.1, VD+UD+U+TD+L+LD+VR+UR, 276x322x70cm, goldfish, stripes eng orange-grün-pink,stripes breit orange-grün-pink, stripes eng türkis-rot-violett, stripes breit türkis-rot-violett

Image DC_5: Drop City, VD+V+V+U+L+VR+UR+UR+VR+VR, 460x276x70cm in goldfish, purple haze, deep purple

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