Cocoa Island Settee

Chesterfield reloaded – Traditional craftsmanship reinterpreted. Dense, masterfully crafted Chesterfield stapling, with each button individually anchored into the upholstery by hand. Individual elements, sofas, chaise longues and corner groups in increments of 33cm.

Cocoa Island Settee

Image CI_1: Cocoa Island, UDli + Vre, 297×196-128x80cm, smaragdgrün

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Module dimensions

Heights: 80 cm or 85 cm (incl. feet “Twista”)

Widths: 92 cm, 99cm, 132cm or 165cm

Depths: 92cm, 95cm, 128cm, 193cm or 196cm

Seat Height: 38cm or 43cm ( (incl. feet “Twista”)

Seat Depth: 62cm, 95cm or 163cm

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Image CI_2: Cocoa Island, Uli + Ure, 264x128x80cm, rainforest

Image CI_3: Cocoa Island, Uli + S + Vre, 257x290x80cm, midsummer oliv

Image CI_4: Cocoa Island, VDLR, 165x196x80cm, cayenne

Image CI_5: Cocoa Island, UDli + V + Vre, 462x196x80cm, smaragdgrün

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