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Settee Cloud 7

Floating in seventh heaven – on Cloud 7. The huge chill cloud with the comfort of an extremely stable Bonell spring core and swinging Nosag springs combines asymmetrical, angular basic shapes with a cuddly soft upholstery that hugs the body. An ideal modular system for symmetrical and asymmetrical sofas, classic corner solutions and creative space objects.

Settee Cocoa Island

Chesterfield reloaded – Traditional craftsmanship reinterpreted. Dense, masterfully crafted Chesterfield stapling, with each button individually anchored into the upholstery by hand. Individual elements, sofas, chaise longues and corner groups in increments of 33cm.

Settee Croissant

Ideal for small, narrow spaces – Croissant is airy, delicate and slim.
Strong statement pieces – elegant, classically upholstered sofas with a medium seat depth for cultivated, upright sitting. The strikingly designed armrest provides a feeling of security with classic, yet very comfortable seating comfort. Fine quilting in the seat upholstery lend a soft volume to the design. Seat, armrest and backrest can be upholstered with up to three different fabrics. Available as a 3-seater, 4-seater 6-seater, chaise longue or a corner sofa.

Settee Drop City

In the 60ies, DROP CITY was the first hippie community in sunny California where “Droppers” could realize their dream of freedom. A work of art in which one could live free of mainstream’s conventions.

“Let loose in DROP CITY”. “Drop” means to simply let oneself go. “City” stands for the microcosm that the upholstered furniture models with its 3 different height levels.

Settee Ed

Modular upholstery playground. Generous, extra-elastic seats with a square grid meet voluminous upholstery rolls and huge, soft plaid cushions. Based on 3 element widths: 122 / 162 / 202 cm, 3 element depths: 122 / 162 / 202 cm, 3 seat depths: 98 / 138 / 178 cm.

Settee Filousof

A modern classic with independent eloquence. Modular sofas and corner landscapes with cuddly comfort. The well-balanced, reduced body meets artfully quilted plaids that lie loose as cushions. The individually designed back cushion landscapes create room-filling colour and pattern worlds, because Filousof always likes to be in company, invites you to relax and exchange ideas. The relaxed companion in your life with almost infinite possibilities for your  living space. The sofa’s base supports the stability and emphasizes the body of the ensemble with a subtle shadow gap.

Settee Gaudi

22 years of Gaudi – Bretz Crafted Romance – style icon of upholstery craftsmanship with sensually baroque lines, decorative nails and paw feet. Available as  a 3-seater sofa or chaise longue.

Settee La Collina

La Collina is inspired by the vast beauty of gently rolling hills and the aesthetics of wide spaces. The feeling of inner peace when contemplating nature. Pause, enjoy the beauty, breathe, relax, arrive – everything is translated into upholstered furniture.

Settee Matilda

Modular upholstery element system with “floating” back cushions to cuddle into. From small groups to huge dream landscapes in the middle of a room. Flexible exchange of back cushion covers. Rather than a classical rectangular grid, Matilda sports pentagonal corpus elements that open up completely new communicative spaces.

Settee Moonraft

Inspired by weightlessness and the longing for the unknown, this modular settee is based on 5 seating elements that are available in 3 widths (120 / 160 / 200 cm) and 3 lengths (135 / 175 / 215 cm), with various arm and backrests. 

Settee Napali

Unlimited, flexible modular upholstery system. Loose-fitting seat and back cushions turn sitting and lounging close to the ground into a relaxing experience. Each body, seat and back cushion can be covered with different covers – there are no limits to your own creativity.

Settee Ocean 7

A new interpretation of traditional craftsmanship. Ocean 7 is the solution for almost all room situations: Individual elements, sofas, chaise longues and corner groups in increments of 33 cm with deep cassette stapling. Each drawing-in is individually anchored into the upholstery by hand at various different points.

Settee Ohlinda

Visually “floating” mattress landscapes that are surrounded by equally “floating” back cushions. Colours can be selected for each mattress and back cushion individually. Ohlinda also sports especially deep mattress elements with a 92 cm as well as a 184 cm depth “to sink into”.

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