Settee Edgy

Super flexible because life never stands still: modular system based on a 40 cm grid, with 3 module depths of 122/ 162/ 202 cm and 3 module widths of: 122/ 162/ 202 cm. Arm and backrests can be taken off and repositioned for suiting changes. The arm- and backrests can be installed firmly as well as used as flexible supporters. An exciting mixture of materials in between seat and backrest is possible. Be creative!

Ed Settee

Image: Edgy_1: Qli,  297 x 175 x 72 (w/d/h), seating height: 40 cm in Moondust

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Module dimensions

Widths: 122cm, 162cm, 202cm

Depths: 122cm, 162cm, 202cm

Seat Depth: 102cm, 142cm or 182cm

Backrests: Edge-elements & straight elements (with steeltube-fixing)

Flexible elements: resting roller (with “roll-back-effect) or mobile half-role

Ottoman (without connectors)

Price upon request!

Trouble finding the right size? Our sofas are all modular! Choose your individual Edgy Settee here.

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Image: Edgy_2, Z107, 309 x 215 x 72 cm (w/d/h), seat in twilight, backrest in grey drops

Image: Edgy_3: F107, 270 x 135 x 72 cm (w/d/h), seat in enzianblau and backrest in blue drops

Image Edgy_4: Y107, 297 x 215 x 72 (w/d/h), seat in amalfi, backrest in blue moss

Image Edgy_5: F107, 270 x 135 x 72 cm (w/d/h) with ottoman 

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