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Whether it´s a cute, little penthouse or a ginormous loft - choose your settee size to fit your space.

Our collections are designed to adapt to your environment, select your individual size from the different modules.

For every outfit, we offer the matching sofa, so all you need to do is to choose your fabric.
Our fabric selection is huge. Moreover, each piece of furniture can also be upholstered according to your individual specifications.
The shoes make the outfit,
So choose your settee’s footwear for the right fit and optimum sitting comfort. Each sofa can be adjusted to your desired sitting height.

Who is Bretz?

Today, Bretz upholstered furniture reflects the life at its fullest and enriches the room with its unbridled creativity resulting in furniture designs whose emotions inspire the imagination and invite you to dream, because they are not just a place to sit or sleep, but small oases of individuality. And although they inspire and polarize in flirting with the art of madness, their core is traditional. The 120-year-old craftsmanship can be felt in quality and comfort, so that you quickly fall in love with one of the valuable pieces and remain true to it for a long time.