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“Cool!” – “Finally, something special!” – “Oh God, way too loud, too bright, too much!” – “I could never …” The reactions to Berlin and Bretz are similar. We do not just sell design sofas, here you can find real characters. TRUE CHARACTERS, to be precise. Urban, cool, elegant, cuddly, flexible models. Our exclusive designer furniture pieces are small oases of idiosyncrasy with curves, corners, and edges – as uniquely divergent as the capital itself. Visit us at our Bretz store in Berlin and let us help you choose your design sofa.

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BRETZ STORE BERLIN – Collection 2021

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Cocoa Island kollektion bretz berlin design möbel
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bretz design möbel kollektion la collina
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What makes our upholstered furniture special? Its “Bretziness”! With bright colors, extravagant silhouettes, and shiny, cuddly soft velour fabrics, Bretz sofas know how to exaggerate and push boundaries. Although grand and unconventional in look, Bretz sofas rest on a stable core that not only renders our Bretz sofas incredibly comfortable but also extremely durable. All our award-winning home furniture is entirely handmade in our family-owned manufacture. Since 1895, Bretz has been bestowing German furniture manufacturing with extraordinary craftsmanship and precise attention to form and detail, which makes every sofa, every armchair and every pillow unique – So if you are looking for exclusive furniture that fully accentuates your individuality, let’s meet and see what we can do for you!

Berlin furniture design

To prevent your TRUE CHARACTER from feeling lonely in your absence, we offer high quality coffee and dining tables, matching chairs, and textiles to inspire your own interior design style. In addition to our collection of Bretz sofas, we sell a huge selection of high-quality cushions in all conceivable shapes and colors. Create your own home interior design.

Our repertory of special furniture is rounded off with carpets in different sizes, shapes and pile heights, also inviting you to lie down. Set the stage for our exclusive furniture.

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Why choose
Bretz design furniture?

Whether you choose a sofa landscape or a chaise longue, an armchair or a bed: Relaxing on a Bretz sofa is like taking a fluffy vacation from the stress of everyday life! All of our TRUE CHARACTERS embody the spirit of 126 years of family tradition and experience in furniture design and production, shaping Bretz’ Design furniture style. Bretz style stands for idiosyncratic shapes, luxurious fabrics and opulent high-quality upholstery and essentially combines what cult objects are made of.


Our home interior design polarizes as it embodies the vitality of life and inspires the flirt with extravagance. Our design furnishings enrich your home with unrestrained creativity, vividness, abundant colors, and unique forms. Bretz design sofas are not only a place to sit or sleep on but represent islands of idiosyncrasy.


Anything goes! All of our sofa models are modular systems, which allow the composition of individual sofas. Follow your personal needs and tastes and construct your own design furniture piece.

When it comes to the choice of color, there are countless options for you to choose from! Seat and back cushions can be covered in over 110 velours fabrics – from straight monochrome colors to patterned variations, the choice is yours! To define your own TRUE CHARACTER, create your individual style statement – be it urban, modernist avant-garde, casual ethno-chic or timelessly elegant.


Bretz design sofas are made in Germany! Since 1895, the family-owned manufacture in Gensingen, Rhineland-Palatinate, is known for its impressive furniture characters that spark emotion, inspire imagination, and invite to dream. The furniture’s high quality and comfort encompasses outstanding craftsmanship and high standards to set you up for a long-lasting love affair with design sofas by Bretz, brought to you by Bretz Berlin.