Hangout Swivel Chair

Precisely balanced swivel and rocking chair for optimum support of the spine. The individual upholstery cassettes adapt to the body. Super-soft, permanently elastic, multi-layered upholstery made of premium cold foam and fluffy non-woven padding. The stool provides additional support when relaxing.

Hangout Swivel Chair

Image: Hangout Armchair, 87 x 114-129 x 115 cm bzw. 84 x 63 x 44 cm in silberschimmer

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Module dimensions armchair

Heights: 115 cm

Widths: 87 cm

Depths: 114-129 cm

Seat Height: 47 cm

Seat Depth: 115 – 47 cm

Module dimensions seat

Heights: 63 cm

Widths: 84 cm

Depths: 44 cm


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