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cassia swivel bretz berlin design chair

Cassia Swivel Chair

Curved back and seat shell. Floral, abstract calyx shape. The elements nestle against the body and embrace it. Linear indentations in the back and seat emphasize the symmetrical appearance of a floral structure. Characteristic drapery in the individual upholstery sections. 

cocoa island bretz berlin design chair

Cocoa Island Swivel Chair

The ultimate, super comfortable recliner with fine turning technology. Cuddly seating comfort thanks to the stable wooden frame, premium cold foam construction and extra-soft upholstery fleece. With removable cushion and with up to three fabric pattern choices.

croissant swivel chair bretz berlin design

Croissant Swivel Chair

Snuggle up in a concisely formulated design – the delicate swivel chair with a 50 cm seat depth is a real communication talent – whether in a group setting or standing alone. Ideal for upright sitting with the back being supported by a specially integrated kidney support. Classic seating comfort with a spring core. Seat, armrest and backrest can be upholstered with up to three different fabrics.

drop city armchair bretz berlin design

Drop City Armchair

Classic marries Drop City. Low, relaxed armchair with or without armrests of 32 mm thick curved polychrome steel tube. Can be upholstered with one or two fabrics.  


Eve's Island Swivel Chair bretz berlin design

Eve’s Island Swivel Chair

Elegant swivel chair with a dramatic silhouette and a left- or right-rising backrest. Firm, upright seating thanks to a stable wooden frame, premium foam construction and super soft upholstery fleece.

Gaudi Armchair bretz berlin design

Gaudi Armchair 

Stylish icon of upholstery craftsmanship with sensual-baroque lines. Strong spring comfort due to the stable wooden frame and dense, swinging Nosag springs, 10cm Bonell spring core, polyether foam construction and fluffy upholstery fleece. Artfully individually attached metal decorative nails round off the eye-catcher.

Hangout Swivel Chair bretz berlin design

Hangout Swivel Chair

Precisely balanced swivel and rocking chair for optimum support of the spine. The individual upholstery cassettes adapt to the body. Super-soft, permanently elastic, multi-layered upholstery made of premium cold foam and fluffy non-woven padding. In addition, the stool provides additional support when relaxing.

Johann Armchair bretz berlin design

Johann Armchair

This limited edition in honor of the 125th anniversary of Bretz is a true collector’s piece with only 100 armchairs available in each of the covers diamond green, copper & turquoise! 

La Collina Ottoman bretz berlin design

La Collina Ottoman


La Collina Swivel Chair bretz berlin design

La Collina Swivel Chair

Retreat and relax into this sweeping design. The giant “elephant” ears provide privacy, while the subtle turning technique also permits communicative exchange. Classic seating comfort with spring core, premium foam construction and upholstery fleece. Fine-tuned turning technology with aluminium cast plate. Selectable with one or two covers.


Ohlinda Chair bretz berlin design

Ohlinda Chair

Ideal for dining and study rooms. Tapered steel legs made of sturdy precision tube and asymmetrically embedded crossmembers with an iridescent “gold” galvanic surface carry the hand stitched seat. The back and armrest cushions are removable. Metal frame with Nosag slat base in the seat for resilient seating comfort. Available with or without armrest.

Rocky Chair bretz berlin design

Rocky Chair

The “little throne” offers firm seating comfort and an extravagantly curved backrest that optimally supports the spine. Modern look with aluminium feet or classic with lion paws.

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